Pratim Welcomes You to the Webpage of Computer Science 2nd year Students
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  1. Pratim Guha Biswas
    Status- Student & President of Ketos © Society
    Year & Course- IInd Year,Computer Science
    Roll No - 251

  2. Gayatri Nagpal
    Status- Student & Secretary of Ketos © Society
    Year & course - IInd Year ,Computer Science
    Roll No - 358

  3. Amit Aggarwal
    Status- Student & Member of Ketos © Society
    Year & Course- IInd Year,Computer Science
    Roll No - 157

  4. Ashish Mittal
    Status- Student & Class Representative
    Year & Course- IInd Year,Computer Science
    Roll No - 258

    The Other Students are

  5. Prashant Gupta
  6. Pooja Gupta
  7. Amit Papnai
  8. Gaurav Kalra
  9. Varun Chandel
  10. Rajneesh Khugsal
  11. Manju
  12. Rekha Nair
  13. Sandhya
  14. Priyanka
  15. Rishi Malhotra
  16. Ravinder Azad
  17. Vipin Aggarwal
  18. Neeraj Gupta
We The Computer Science Students of MAC 2nd Year have varied interests but come in the same side of boat when Computers is the Subject .I myself Like to Program in Windows and Like to surf the net and Do some Web hosting. Prashant Gupta is one of the bonds of our class famous for troubleshooting the Lan in the college and also a great help in programming in Cobol . We the students of have formed the Ketos Society in our College.

We will also be releasing a magazine soon which will conform to the needs of the beginner to the advanced user.Our Society with the help of Techno Society and Mathematical Sciences Society of our college will organize a Inter College Science Fest during January '98.

We already have done some projects in programming in C and Pascal. So anybody interested in giving out programming projects in Windows or dos interface can e-mail at the following address .

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