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Knowledege Efficiency And T echnology Oriented S ociety

KETOS SOCIETY was formed by a group of Computer Science Students of Maharaja Agrasen College . However , we people may not have a straight vision of what lies ahead in the field of computers but are preparing themselves to face the onslaught of getting & adjusting to a Job the day after we graduate . We have a simple idea to increase interaction between other colleges & also between students of this colleges. For this we will be holding Seminars, Discussions , Lectures through Computer Professionals to inbibe the curiosity to know more about this IT world into students who may or may not be graduating with Computer Science.
We are also undertaking a Project of launching a E-Zine in the WWW.


The students of Comp.Sc IInd year of Maharaja Agrasen College announce the formation of the Ketos Society . Our Society relies in Total Solution i.e. Software + Hardware.

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This webpage has been designed by  Pratim Guha Biswas the President of the Ketos Society and one of the Webmasters of the site

      Pratim Guha Biswas

President of Ketos Logo Society