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Topgallant Excellent Cooperative Humble Noble Outfacer Society

The Department of Electronic Science established the 'Techno Society' with the aim of integrating and establishing a technology oriented culture amongst its students members. The society attempts to initiate students towards an awareness of the rapid technological advances taking place which is generally not possible within the framework of the university curriculam. The activities of the society are fully managed by its student members.

Amongst a host of activities such as the SCI-Vision notice board, where the students are encouraged to contribute articles about latest advancements in any fields of science, the soicety holds the belief that ultimate aim of technology is towards development of integrated and holistic human beings.The students actively participated in bringing out this wall magazine successfully by contributing scientific articles such as Fuzzy Logic,Anatomy of the Air Crash,Dolly,Microsoft Humour,Chemistry of Laughter,Einstein Theory.Keeping this in view the society organised a programme on personal development by the group SMILE. The programme encouraged the students to feel empowered within themselves and thus contribute towards the society at large.

Many new activities, such as training of students in sophisticated software's,organising seminars and career talks are planned for the forthcoming session.

College Internet Site

The Maharaja Agrasen College is now the first college in University of Delhi to have its website on the internet. Information regarding the college and of its various activities are now accessible to over a million internet users around the globe. The development and launching of this site has been largely made possible due to the enthusiasm and zeal of Piyush Garg,B.Sc. Electronics (Hons.),IIIrd year and Pratim Guha Biswas,B.Sc. Computer Science (Gen.),IIIrd year.

It is heartening to note that the website has already been visited by internet users from Europe and United States of America.

It extended its membership to all Electronics and the office bearers for the present academic session were

President : Anil Nainwal

Secretary : Saurabh Aggarwal

Digital Lab. Physics Lab.


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