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Bsc(General)Mathematical Science is one of the latest courses offered by Delhi University & Maharaja Agrasen College is one of the very few to have them at present. It primarily consists of the following subjects:

Main Subjects

1st Year

2nd Year

Computer Science

1.Computer Fundamentals & PASCAL Programming

2. Computer Architecture

1. Cobol Programming & System Analysis

2. Data Structures Using PASCAL


1. Calculus

2. Algebra (Modern & Classical)

1. Vectors & Differential Equations

2. Co-ordinate Geometry

Operations Research

1. Linear Programming

2. Statistics (Probability Theory)

1. Inventory Management & Marketing

2. Networking Analysis

The Course Curriculum for all the Three Years of this course is same as that of Bsc(General)Computer Science regarding Mathematics and Computers.

Operations Research

The term, Operations Research, was first coined in 1940 by McClosky and Trefthen in a small town, Bowdsey, of the United Kingdom. This new science came into existence in military context. During World War II, military management called on scientists from various disciplines & organised them into teams to assist in solving strategic and tactical problems, that is, to discuss, evolve & suggest ways & means to improve the execution of various military projects. By their joint efforts, experience & deliberations, they suggested certain approaches that showed remarkable progress. This new approach to systematic and scientific study of the operations of the system was called the Operations Research.

 Delhi University Curriculum for Operations Research in Bsc(General)Mathematical Science :

During the 1st year of study the student would learn the following topics:

1. Linear Programming Problem

Origin & Development of Operations Research, Linear Programming Problem (Graphical Solution & Simplex Method), Duality in Linear Programming, Transportation Problem, Assignment Problem, Post-Optimal Analysis, Integer Programming Problem.

2. Statistics (Probability Theory)

Frequency Distributions & Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion & Skewness, Theory of Probability, Random Variables & Distribution Functions, Mathematical Expectation & Generating Functions, Discrete Distributions, Continuous Distributions, Curve Fitting, Correlation & Regression.

During the 2nd year of study the student would learn the following topics:

1. Inventory Control & Marketing Management

Deterministic Models, Probabilistic Models, Production Scheduling Models, Inventory under Constraints, Price Discounts, Selective Inventory Control, Theory of Marketing Management, Marketing Models.

2. Networking Analysis

Node-Arc Concept, Maximal Flow Problem, Shortest Path Problem, Travelling Salesman Problem, General Minimal Cost Flow Problem, PERT, CPM, Theory of Games, Theory of Sequencing, Quadratic Programming. 

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