The First Batch of English (Hons.) of MAC

The English(Hons.) course recently introduced in Maharaja Agrasen College
is really a beneficial course with perception on one hand and scope on the
other. It is amongst the rarer courses in the colleges of Delhi University.
It embolders the freshers towards reading the past and modern literature
and also to write great pieces of the same. The Course lightens the path
to Tourism , management, Freelancing , Administrative services and even
Marketing after succesful completion or in between as well. One not only
increases his/her vocabulary but also comes to know much about the era
of various writers.
	The first two years of this course deals with two main and two 
Susidiary Papers but in the Final year all four are the main ones.In
total the 8 papers to be studied in succession are 
  • Classical Background
  • The Novel in the 18th and 19th centuries
  • Poetry from Chaucer to Milton
  • Renaissance Drama
  • 18th Century Literature
  • Romantic and Victorian Poetry
  • Modern Literature I
  • Modern Literature II
  • And two Subsidiaries
    for the Ist & IInd year
  • History
  • Hindi

  • The toughness and vastness of the course is so easily tackled by the MAC
    Faculty which is none other than the best qualified and experienced one.
    Above all are the students of the First Batch whose sincerity,punctuality
    and regularity can be seen developing with each lecture they attend.
              Some of the great Masters of English Literature to be studied 
    under this course are namely Plato , Jane Austin , Charles Dickens , Thomas 
    Hardy , Chaucer , George Elliot , Walter Rayleigh , Milton , Shakespeare ,
    Ben Johnson , Wordsworth , Shelley, Keats , Tennyson , Yeats ,George Bernard
    Shaw , Beckett and many many more . In addition to all this advantages for
    this newly developing course the English Department - Delhi University is
    seriously considering to widen the scope and value this course offers towards
    various other fields as well , to make it more beneficial both on vocal and 
    written terms .
    This article has been contributed by a Dynamic First year English(Hons) Student
    Aditya Choudhary .

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